Letter: Trusting the Press

Letter to the Editor

This letter is addressed to Malibu Times Publisher Arnold G. York.

I was appalled that you would use your newspaper to show your personal hatred of the President of the United States of America. It was shocking that you would admittedly print that not only are you bias, but also you “detest Trump.” At a time when there is such division in our country, the last thing we need is for the news media to “throw fuel on the fire.” Your admission only reinforces my belief that the anti-Trump news media (CNN, MSNBC, LA Times, Washington Post and New York Times) is largely responsible for the political hysteria that we are experiencing in our society. The only difference between The Malibu Times and the aforementioned news outlets is at least you’re honest. No wonder most Americans outside of California and New York no longer trust the liberal press.

Robert Feinberg