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Psychic predictions for 2011

By Kim Devore / The Malibu Times

She’s claimed to have successfully predicted stock market fluctuations, political change and even the winner of the 2010 World Series, not to mention predicting the outcome of people’s personal lives. These days Averi Torres, Malibu’s “resident psychic,” is looking ahead to 2011.

“The year is a number four in numerology and in tarot it’s the emperor,” Torres said.

So just what does that mean?

“It has to do with balance, authority and power,” she said. “This will be a year of achievement, admiration and comfort.”

Torres has been practicing in Malibu for more than 20 years. She grew up living in upstate New York before making Malibu her home. She has built a loyal following of clients and said she is able to see where their lives may be out of balance and helps them to listen to their inner voice.

Between economic uncertainty, the housing crash, political infighting and wild weather, many are wondering what the next year has in store.

“I feel the economy is improving and will continue to improve slowly,” she said. “I see interest rates starting to climb in the second half. The stock market will be volatile but ends on an up note.”

She also sees encouraging news on the real estate front. “I feel we have already bottomed out,” she said. “Overall I feel the housing market will improve, but 2012 will be a better year.”

Despite a struggling economy, Torres said she sees more “mega mansions” being built. At the same time, plans to expand and create local shopping centers will run into snags and delays.

Like many businesses across the country, local merchants have been struggling, but Torres believes they will fare better in the New Year. “People will be willing to spend more little by little,” she said. “We saw it over the holidays and we will see it again in 2011.”

2010 was wet and wild as for weather events and natural disasters; Torres said there might be an increased risk of earthquakes on the West Coast and throughout the Pacific. There could also be “intense solar flares which may cause havoc with electronics.”

After years of partisan bickering in Washington, Torres sees greater cooperation. “People are becoming more aware,” she said. “I see a healthy change politically.”

What’s more, love is in the air. Torres says 2011 will be a year of romance with a spike in local weddings and that may translate into good vibrations across the board. “We will realize the importance of working together so we can create a better world.”

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