Bridge Builders

Young scientists, ages seven to 12, follow a Mad Science workbook and their own ingenuity to build bridges out of legos, focusing on working together to build the strongest bridge.

Children put on their mad scientist thinking caps at the Malibu Library last Thursday afternoon, Dec. 21, to learn the art of bridge building. Young engineers ages seven to 12 began building bridges out of lego bricks. Mad Science instructor Justin “Time & Space” helped children when needed, encouraging children to think outside the box, be creative, and think “strength.” 

Justin asked the young scientists, “Can your bridge stand the weight test?” before dropping a two-pound weight on their completed bridge. Lego pieces went flying and gasps could be heard by children and adults alike. 

“I wouldn’t drive across that bridge,” Justin said, laughing.

Children would go back to the drawing board, determined to build a bridge that didn’t crumble. 

The Mad Science Brixology program is deigned to help students use critical thinking during the challenges of designing brick bridges. 

Adults marveled at the sight of seeing their children willing to rebuild their bridge, time and time again, with a new perspective each time as to where the bridge needed strengthening.

“I built four bridges—the last one held up. I ended up making my own design,” William Synder said.  

Children cheered for their peers when Justin “Time & Space” approached with the pink weight in his hand.

“Will I be able to drive across this bridge without it collapsing?” he asked. At the end, every student had mastered the art of bridge building and received their own bridge-building kit.