Planetary Themes for the Month of July

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

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You can be dealing with unfinished business with friends or acquaintances from your past. This is also an ideal time for you to re-evaluate your future goals. Be patient if there are delays getting what you want done. It’s for a good reason. Use more caution with the handling of money. Keep a handle on impulsive spending.


It’s time to have more fun and shine in your social life through the 9th. On the 10th, you move into a more favorable cycle for money and work if you roll up your sleeves. There can be some new investment or speculative opportunities worth your attention. You can also improve health through a new diet and fitness plan.


You may be craving more attention from others, but they can seem a little distant. Be willing to plan fun things on your own and express your independence. During the first week of July, be on the lookout for new financial opportunities at work or through your friends. You can also deepen your connections with significant others.


During the first week of the month, you are in your own element for tuning in to your needs and deepening the connections with family and significant others. When it comes to finances, watch your spending habits and avoid taking unnecessary risks. After the 10th, you can get more satisfaction from your work, health and fitness routines. 


As Venus continues to transit your sign through the 9th, you are in a cycle for attracting and expressing more love and abundance. You can also be the life of the party and have the gift of gab. Just remember to sharpen your listening skills, too. You may have some unfinished business with relationships from your past.


It’s time to express your fun and creative side. It can also do you good to spend some alone time connecting to the inner you. On the 9th, Venus enters your sign. You move into a favorable cycle for money, work and investment opportunities. There is also the greater expression of love, but remain objective with others. 


You can shine brightly in your social life and attract new friends through the 9th. Your creativity can also reach new heights. After the 9th, you may need to retreat from the world to get more balanced. You can benefit from making some changes in your health and fitness routines. More satisfaction comes through your work.


You can be dealing with unfinished family-related matters. Try to be more flexible in your communications with others. Be willing to understand someone else’s perspective. There may also be things at home that need to fixed or improved. After the 9th, work or career opportunities can open through your social network. 


Your mind can be filled with new and inventive ideas, but re-evaluate them and make sure they have practical value. The urge for travel, recreation and exploring new possibilities is strong. On the 9th, a balance needs to be reached between your personal life and career. Try to narrow your focus and get better organized. 


Re-evaluate your moneymaking ideas or plans. Some changes or improvements can be made. The connections in your personal and family relationships can deepen through the 21st. On the 9th, your desire to travel or explore new possibilities increases. You also move into a more favorable cycle for love and money. 


If there are some delays attaining your goals or desires, it is for a good reason. Try to practice more patience. You can have more fun with your personal relationships through the 9th. Others may also demand more attention from you. On the 9th, think about making some adjustments with your spending habits.  


You can connect on a deeper emotional level in your relationships through the 21st. You may also have some internal issues that may require more alone time to resolve. On the 9th, your love life can heat up and others are more drawn to you. You can also find more satisfaction through helping and being of service to others.