Letter: Roe v. Wade

Letter to the Editor

Row or wade? Should I hire a coyote smuggler with a boat? Or try to walk and swim across the Rio Grande River to get an abortion in Mexico? That will be the choice for pregnant women in Antediluvian America, Summer 2022.

The Supremes Court just finished its opening arguments yesterday. They were weighing the merits of a Mississippi law that ties the time at which a woman can have an abortion to the number of teeth remaining in the mouth of the local judge. Eg., if the local magistrate has 15 teeth left in their gums, abortion is illegal after 15 weeks.

Injustice Barrett, suggested that women would have no burden besides nine months of pregnancy, since orphanages everywhere would welcome white babies with open arms.

Injustice Kavanaugh suggested leaving the whole matter of women’s rights to states like Mississippi and Texas, bastions of critical thinking and a deep knowledge of the human condition.

In the end, America is returning to its 1865 stasis as a “ house divided against itself.”

Except this time, the warring factions of North vs. South cannot even agree that we are divided, or that we even live under the same roof.

Dan Berc