Letter: Search Your Own Soul

Letter to the Editor

In response to the letter “Warning signs” published April 23

I am a longtime resident of Malibu and have never been so angered and disturbed by a letter to the editor. First, the fact that the editor, (a person I have always respected), allowed Mr. Kraft’s letter to be posted without checking any facts, and second, that Mr Kraft took it upon himself to place blame, point fingers, and abuse a family so recently in mourning. You did not have your facts correct and this whole issue of construction in Malibu is much bigger than pointing a finger at one person! You don’t think many, many workers are riding buses? Where do you get off blaming a family for this? The person you refer to tested negative. I do not know you, Richard Kraft, but I sincerely hope you do some soul and fact searching before you place blame and disturb others.

Leslee Todman