Think globally, buy publicly


    In reference to two letters which appeared recently in the Surfside News, Ms. Scott wrote an impassioned letter regarding the confiscation of the Malibu Bay Company’s property rights. In reaction I am reminded of an esteemed planner who described Malibu residents as ones who “think globally and act selfishly.” Even with the general plan and interim zoning ordinance being developed by a “limited growth” citizen committee, the documents do allow for reasonable property rights and limited development. I suggest we consider a citywide assessment district to purchase Civic Center property along with public parks, and equestrian and beach trails rather than asking Ms. Scott, whose property I believe is also in the broader creek flood plane, or the Malibu Bay Company to donate their respective property rights.

    In reaction to Douglas Kmiec’s letter regarding “privacy in private property,” our city fathers intentionally created a code which is substantially discretionary and has the end result of pitting neighbor against neighbor. May I suggest here we change both the code and the council members who created these relentless confrontations.

    Ron Goldman