Quick action on fire


On last Wednesday we left our house for our annual Thanksgiving weekend with family on the central coast. As we were leaving, we commented to our neighbor on the weather conditions, so similar to those of two years ago when fire burned up to our house and destroyed so many of our neighbors’ homes. Was it bad luck to leave? Off we went to enjoy our family tradition, carrying with us the memory and unspoken concern we all shared.

Lightning did strike again. On Friday evening, about 7 p.m., two years to the day of the 2007 Corral Fire, another fire occurred in Corral Canyon. A brand new 2009 Jeep Rubicon caught fire next to the brush-covered slopes along Seabreeze Drive. Based on eyewitness accounts, the Jeep’s owner ran to a nearby neighbor’s home to call 911. Knowing the Corral Canyon Fire Safety Alliance had fire equipment nearby, a call was also made to the neighborhood volunteers. Within minutes, the volunteer fire response team arrived and began to protect the brush and trees surrounding the now fully engulfed jeep. Minutes later, L.A. County Engines 71 and 88 arrived on scene assisted by the Sheriff’s Department. The professional firefighters went into action, extinguishing the vehicle fire.

This incident could have escalated into another out-of-control wildfire. Quick thinking neighbors, with fire equipment staged nearby, worked together to hold back flames until the professional firefighters arrived. Our gratitude and respect goes out to the residents in Corral Canyon who have dedicated so much time, energy and money in making our canyon much safer. And of course, we thank the professional firefighters of Stations 71 and 88 for their timely response and unwavering protection of our beautiful mountain community.

David Levy and Paula Gershoy