Planetary Themes for the Month of February 2021

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

Mercury retrogrades from Jan. 30-Feb. 20. This is the time to reconnect with friends or acquaintances from the past and more self-reflection. Avoid misunderstandings. Important decisions are usually best postponed.



As Mars continues to transit Taurus, finances, creating stability and enjoying the finer things remain a priority. Your persistent efforts help you attain your financial goals. There is also a shift in your social life. You can feel the urge to let go of some relationships and form new friendships. Experiment with new ideas.



As Mars transits your sign, you are in your high cycle for tapping into more stamina and inner power to attain your goals! Your inventive side seeks to be expressed. Opportunities can open for you through your friends or social network. It would be a good idea to use more caution with financial decisions.



This can be an important month to deal with unfinished matters from the past and reconnect with old friends. You are in a cycle of mental expansion and awakening to new ideas! There are subjects you may feel like relearning and places to re-visit. You may also feel spending more alone time and working behind the scenes. 



You can be more active in the social area and planning for the future. Dealing with your finances is a priority. Some adjustments are necessary in this area. There are also some internal issues that need to be examined and communicated to others. There is a tendency to run hot and cold emotionally. Try to stay connected to your feelings.



Personal and social relationships are highlighted and can move in a new direction. You can attract unusual types of people. Make sure to give your inner self enough attention if others are too cool or detached. You may be experiencing some challenges in your career. Be more adaptable and willing to make some financial changes.



Your work and health matters can become a priority—it’s time to make some adjustments. You can implement new ideas or technologies into your daily routine. Avoid getting into disagreements with others in the workplace. There is a greater interest in education, expanding your knowledge and distant places.



This is the time to let go of the past and old ways of doing things. There is the urge to express your creativity, inventive side and independence. Networking and making new social connections becomes a priority. Your love life can go through some changes. When it comes to money or investments, play it safe. Expect the unexpected.



Your personal relationships and money matters are highlighted. It will be important to keep the peace with others. Domestic matters are subject to change and will require you to be more adaptable. During the first half, there is a favorable cycle for healing and transformation. You can deepen connections with others. 



You have new and original ideas that seek to be expressed. Decisions are subject to change, so be patient. You are in a cycle for reconnecting with friends from your past. You can feel more driven to work and accomplish your financial goals. There is also the urge for exploration and travel. A short trip would do you some good. 



You are in a favorable cycle for making progress attaining your financial or investment goals if you stay persistent. Think of new or inventive ways of doing things. During the first half of the month, your creativity and imagination are on the rise. This is also a good time for deepening the connection with your children or love interests.



You are in your high cycle this month as five planets transit your sign including Venus and Jupiter! Make the most of new opportunities for improving relationships or attracting new love and manifesting abundance. Express your uniqueness and original ideas. You can also shine in the social arena and make new friends.



This month it may be beneficial to spend more alone time and dig deeper into your inner self. Be willing to communicate your thoughts and feelings. This can lead to healing and transformation. On the 25th, a favorable shift begins for you as Venus enters your sign. Come out of the closet and let your love and creativity shine!