Lisette Meckler


Longtime Malibu resident Lisette Meckler died May 31 at the age of 93.

She was born and raised in Paris, where she became involed in liberal politics and causes. In her late teens, she joined a bohemian troupe of musicians, actors and troubadours who toured the south of France, “singing for their supper,” friends and family said in a written statement.

During World War II, Meckler moved to Cuba. Eventually, she traveled to New York where she met Zane Meckler, to whom she was married for almost 60 years. In the mid 1950s, they moved to Malibu, where they remained, except for a 10-year stay in Northern California.

Family members say Meckler’s passion was art and she became an accomplished self-taught artist who produced many inspired pieces of dramatic abstract paintings using mixed media. A friend commented that “her religion was art, and her spirituality was expressed through her works.”

She is survived by her daughter, Carol Meckler.