Sirens: Malibu Crime Report Aug. 20-31

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between 8/20-31:


Fistful of Dollars

A suspect on a bicycle checking parked vehicles for unlocked doors stole $12 from an unlocked vehicle on Coastline Drive.


Triple Threat

Three vehicles were broken into when their drivers hid keys in a wheel well and in a trunk when parking on PCH.

No Parking

A Range Rover SUV and a silver Mercedes were keyed while parked on Sea View Drive for a private party. 

Sticky Fingers

A denim jacket worth almost $90 was stolen from a Cross Creek retailer.


Construction Heist

Tools were stolen from a secured construction site on PCH.

Pumped Up

A gas pump was vandalized when driver paid for fuel at a gas station and tried to drive away with the pump still in his vehicle. The suspect informed employees, but when asked to pay for the repair, the he sped away.


Easy Target

Several items went missing from a car parked on PCH after the driver hid keys in the shock area of the passenger front tire and went to the beach.

Luggage Larceny 

Duffle bags and other items worth nearly $3,000 were stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked on PCH.


Close Call

Burglars caused $500 in damage to a local restaurant while attempting to break in, but were driven away in time.