Planetary Themes for the Month of April 2021

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.


As Venus continues to transit your sign until the 14th, make the most of opportunities to express more love and abundance. You also remain in a favorable cycle for expressing your thoughts, ideas and socializing through the 22nd. From the 23rd onward, a shift begins. Domestic and family matters become a priority.



You are in a favorable period through the 22nd for spending more alone time and digging deeper into the “inner you.” Make this a period for getting to know yourself better. On the 23rd, Venus enters your sign until May 8. You are in a new, favorable cycle for money, attracting new opportunities and expressing love.



You remain in your high cycle through the 22nd for taking action and achieving your goals. Your sensitive and emotional side can run the show through the third. On April 4, an important shift begins. You can feel like letting go of things from the past and moving forward in some new directions. There is the urge to be more active. 



This can be an ideal time to work behind the scenes and dig deeper into your inner self through the 22nd. On the 23rd, an important shift begins. It’s time to step out of your shell. You move into own element as Mars enters your sign until June 11. The tide is going your way to go after dreams and accomplish your goals.


This is your time to express your adventurous side and independence through the 18th. You can feel the urge to travel and pursue new opportunities. On the 19th, a shift begins in the career area. Money matters and accomplishing goals take on more importance. Try to be more adaptable in your relationships when differences arise.



On April 4, you can feel the urge to let go of issues from the past and move ahead in some new directions. Finances and making better use of resources are a priority. You can also become more interested in research and discovering hidden truths. On the 19th, you move into a more favorable cycle for financial opportunities and manifestation.



With Venus in Aries until the 14th, you are inspired to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Relationships are highlighted. A balance needs to be met between the needs of others and your own. Make more time for yourself. From the 14th onward, finances can become a priority. It’s time to make some adjustments.



There may be some issues that need to be communicated. Making some adjustment with your spending habits can do you some good. An important shift begins on the 14th. Your personal relationships can become a priority. You are also a magnet for others. From the 23rd onward, it’s easier to be more connected emotionally. 


You can get more mental clarity regarding decisions after April 4. Your fun, active and playful side seeks to be expressed. You are in a favorable cycle for creating more passion in your current relationship or attracting new ones. During the second half of the month, it’s time to get more serious about work and taking care of financial matters. 



During the first half of April, domestic matters are a focus. Try to keep the peace with family members. You can also feel the urge to make some changes in your living environment. During the second half, you are more in the flow with financial opportunities and rewards. From the 23rd onward, activity increases in your relationships.  



Your mind is more active during the first half of April. The focus is on communicating, expressing new ideas and having fun. During the second half, domestic and financial matters become a priority. Be more cautious with the handling of money. From the 23rd onward, more satisfaction comes through your work and getting things done.



From April 4 onward, any mental fog or indecision can begin to lift. It’s time to make some decisions and take action in the financial area of your life. There may also be some family matters that need to be discussed. During the second half of the month, your creativity is on the rise. You can reap rewards from your ideas and in the material realm.