Candidate priorities, contact information

Joan House

  • Protecting environment (Malibu Lagoon Dye Study, Marine Sanctuary) while protecting property rights (proposed long-term development agreement with Malibu Bay Co.)
  • Improved, expanded recreational facilities (first advocate of Parks and Recreation director)
  • Fiscal responsibility. Tax dollars to upgrade infrastructure (Rambla Pacifico, Calle de Barco) and for emergency preparedness, not for $250,000 pay-off of city employees like former City Attorney Christi Hogin
  • Contact Information:

Telephone: 310.457.2659,

Jeff Jennings

  • Development planning to protect open spaces and limit large or high-density development
  • Retention of Bluffs Park playing fields and creation of teen/senior community center
  • Reform planning permit process for single-family homes and remodels
  • Disaster preparation and negotiating skills for inter-agency cooperation
  • Fairness, not favoritism
  • Consensus, not confrontation
  • Contact information: Telephone 310.589.0780,

Ken Kearsley

  • Commercial development must be Malibu-serving, not Malibu-attracting
  • Marine sanctuary, restored wetlands
  • Fair application of laws
  • Parks, ballfields, open space, community center, cultural activities
  • Local control, not control of locals
  • Inter-agency cooperation
  • Contact information: Tel.310.457.7101. E-mail:

Walt Keller

  • More playgrounds and ballfields without trade-offs for higher density projects
  • Complete disaster and medical emergency planning
  • Simplify building permit process
  • Community Center
  • Marine refuge
  • Improved traffic flow and management
  • Negotiate water improvements with county
  • Community service
  • Streamline council meetings to maximize public input
  • Contact Information:Telephone 310.457.7086. Fax 310.457.9371

Carolyn Van Horn

  • Keeping Malibu rural while being conscious of vulnerability to natural disasters
  • Keeping commercial development out of Civic Center
  • Water quality
  • Ongoing search for additional playing fields while working with State Parks Director Rusty Arias to continue using ballfields at Bluffs Park
  • Contact information: Tel. 310.457.7397, Fax. 310.457.1922

John Wall

  • Problem solving
  • Preserve natural beauty and residential character
  • Developing or acquiring facilities that bring community together
  • Contact information: Tel: 310.457.7071;

Fax, 310.457.9331,

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