Wastewater question


Ask RWQB why they granted permission to Malibu Mesa Sewage Treatment Plant and Pepperdine (where the effluent is piped to three settling ponds) to make 10 “emergency” dumps of 200,000 gals each of effluent per year down Marie Canyon terminating on the sand on Malibu Road (Amarillo Beach); that totals two million gallons of sewage effluent per year (if they don’t cheat), which is far more than enough to pollute the sandy bottom of Malibu surf with waterborne pathogens; viral pathogens such as polio, etc. are not killed by tertiary treatment, u.v., ozone, etc. in this huge volume of sewage. Same holds for Tapia; flush a radioactive tracer or simple dye down a Pepperdine toilet and pick up at receiving waters of Marie Canyon culvert if you need to document the obvious. We have asked these questions for the past generation and members of MNSMB WATERSHED group and have never been able to get a response. Same situation obtains at Las Virgenes sewage dumping to Surfrider.

Moreover, ask why Pepperdine is not included with RWQB’s 38 Notices of Violation for septic systems recently.

Dan Hillman