Blog: Hunkering Down

Burt Ross

It seems like eternity since we Malibuites first commenced the practice of social distancing. I thought it a good idea to call some friends to see what they are doing to avoid a total meltdown.

Dan Sandel is playing online poker. So long as Dan has something to bet on, he is just fine. Dan has often told me, “Betting is the spice of life.”

Scott and Jimy Tallal sneaked out of their home incarceration to buy some deep dish pizza takeout in Sherman Oaks. They tell me it was “fantastic” and well worth the trip.

Jonathan Banks is cantankerous as ever. His daughter guards the front door and makes sure Jonathan can’t escape. Jonathan is an avid reader and reads away.

Ric Ross (no relation) walks up and down the hills of Point Dume to stay in shape. He is getting more exercise than when we rode our stationary bikes at Diamond’s Malibu Gym.

Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz are zooming around. They are using this technology more than ever to keep in touch with the outside world.

Ellie Somerfield is sending around funny videos including a man riding his wife as if he were a cowboy and she his horse. I personally fear Ellie might be losing it.

Brad Smith has most assuredly lost it. He has come up with a drink called the 

“Quarantini.” The ingredients follow:


“One shot of Mongolian vodka

One miniature bottle Wellness Shot

With ginger, lemon, and cayenne

One lemon slice

One Penguin Martini Shaker

One ridiculously tall stemmed

But sexy Tiffany martini glass”


Drink away my friends until we meet again.