Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s conduct school shooter training

Trainees evacuate victims from the “hot zone” where the active shooter is located during an "active school shooter" training session Saturday. 

Early Saturday morning, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies from the Malibu/Lost Hills Station, including the Malibu Search and Rescue Team and other agencies, conducted an “active school shooter” training event at Topanga Elementary School in Topanga Canyon.

The training was part of the Sheriff’s Department’s ongoing efforts to prepare and train for events involving active shooter incidents at schools or other locations.

More than 30 officers and deputies cycled through several training scenarios involving armed shooting suspects with multiple adult and child victims.

Conducting the training scenarios with other agencies provides deputies and rescue team members the opportunity to learn and practice different tactics and training methods, with different equipment and procedures. This type of training facilitates interagency communications and cooperation, and prepares for the eventuality that multiple agencies will be called upon to respond to such an event with the same end goal of stopping the incident and saving lives.