Sending support to Malibu’s adopted Army Company in the Middle East


Known as the first to lead in any task the United States asks of them, the City of Malibu adopted the 125 men of Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion of the 327th infantry of the 101st Air Assault, also known as the No Slack Gators during Desert Storm in 1991. This storied division fought in the Battle of the Bulge at Bastogne during World War II (largest battle of World War II in which the U.S. participated) and Hamburger Hill in Vietnam.

To commemorate the Company for their service 11 years later, the City of Malibu invited two sergeants and their wives last Fourth of July to celebrate the nation’s birthday and help dedicate Hero’s Park at the Malibu Bluffs. Only seven months after the celebration, Malibu’s adopted soldiers of the Alpha Company are headed back to the Middle East.

“We are your friends, sons, husbands, and fathers, and will represent Malibu with honor,” a 1st Sergeant in Alpha Company said in a press release. “With your support we will achieve victory quicker and return home sooner.”

The “Gators” are asking for Malibu’s moral support and help in the next few months. The Company gave the City of Malibu their roster of names so they can hear from the community. They are asking people to send cards and letters to each of them while they are gone to keep in touch with the community and maintain the sense that people in Malibu care about them. Some have asked for packages, such as a prepaid telephone card to keep in touch with family and friends.

Mayor Pro Tem Ken Kearsley said by becoming a correspondent with a member of the company “you will be making a friend for life.”

Kearsley suggested in addition to sending letters and notes, items such as cookies in a coffee can or baked bread in a coffee can (nothing weighing more than 13 ounces) might be appreciated by the company. He said his grandson already sent a baseball cap to one trooper.

“As anyone who has been in the military will tell you, mail from home is very important,” Sgt. Homan from Alpha Company said. “The letter writer will also develop a friendship that will endure for years to come.”

For more information contact Leslie Schwarz at 310.456.3739. Schwarz will match letter writers with company members.