Pepperdine Student Campaigning to Work for Ellen Degeneres

Alexa Schafer delivers her resume to Ellen DeGeneres’ office attached to a life-size cutout.

Pepperdine senior Alexa Schafer is working hard to turn her dream of interning for Ellen DeGeneres into a reality using social media, viral videos and a series of witty ideas. 

Instead of simply sending her resume and cover letter to DeGeneres’ office, Schafer delivered them along with a custom-made, six-foot cardboard cutout of her and DeGeneres together. She then took to social media, spreading the word by posting photos of important moments in her life with DeGeneres edited into them. 

Next, Schafer conveyed her message to DeGeneres in a YouTube video titled “#alexaforEDintern2016.” She soon realized that a video involving Pepperdine president Andrew Benton would mean even more, and collaborated with him to create her second YouTube video, “An Important Message from Pepperdine’s President.” The video features Benton playing guitar and singing his rendition of “Smelly Cat” from the sitcom “Friends.” It has since received 58,000 views and counting.

“We get one shot at this life on earth, so we might as well put ourselves out there, no matter how crazy it may seem,” Schafer said. “I am so thankful for the love and support that has been poured out from this community.”