Not a test market


    What constitutes a good market?

    1. Warm, friendly service

    2. Outstanding produce

    3. Excellent grades of meat

    4. Fresh selection of fish

    5. Innovative new food items emphasizing healthy, low fat cuisine

    6. Fair prices

    Ralphs in Malibu does not seem to meet any of the above criteria. While it is commendable to see a sign displayed next to the Bermuda onions that Vons is charging a few cents more a pound, somehow the produce at Vons does not look like last month’s refuse. For example, the polished shiny apples cannot disguise the mealy flavor or the rotten interior.

    In Business 101, we learn techniques to keep our customers satisfied and happy, ready for a return visit. Hughes was such a market. Unfortunately, Ralphs is not the same. The people of Malibu deserve much better.

    Eleanor Lawrence