Blog: A Day to be Grateful

Burt Ross

Those of you who know me well understand I like to complain (make that “love to”). In fact, there are few things which give me more pleasure 364 days a year than a good old-fashioned “kvetch.” On one day a year, and today is that day, I reverse gears, and shut the “f” up about all the things that bother me. Today is Thanksgiving, and I intend to be grateful for all my blessings.

Most important my nuclear family is healthy. Mama bear, papa bear, and the two grown up baby bears are all well. I will never take that for granted.

I am blessed with good friends, and for the most part they are also doing well. As we get older we tend to suffer one illness or another, but thanks to the intervention of modern medicine, most of us are living longer healthier lives.

I continue to have three square meals a day (all my plates are round not square), and a roof over my head. It won’t be long before our new home which has literally risen from the ashes will be ready for us to build new memories.

I am grateful that we have vaccines available to prevent this dreaded Covid virus, and that slowly but surely we are venturing forth and renewing life as we knew it.

And I enjoy the ocean breeze and the gift of sunshine. Again, having come from the East, I don’t take this weather for granted.

Most important I found the love of my life almost forty years ago and continue to share each day with my bride. She is everything.

I am painfully aware that many people are not as fortunate, and I can only hope that they experience enough blessings to be grateful on this Thanksgiving Day.