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This letter was sent to Capt. J. Payne (Ret.), Malibu Navy League

On behalf of NAVAIRES Point Mugu and the Campaign Drug Free youth education program, I want to thank you and the Malibu Navy League for your generous funding of the Campaign Drug Free flying hours for local area children. I know that you’re well aware of the critical role this campaign plays in deterring our youth from involvement in substance abuse, and your financial assistance was an emphatic demonstration of support.

I wish all of the Malibu Navy League members could have been there on the Saturday following the Point Mugu airshow, when the selected children were treated to their airplane flights. It was one of the most beautiful, cloudless days we had in some time and the only thing that outshone the bright sun that day were the bright smiles of the kids as they strapped in and began their adventure. Every one of them was thrilled, and it was all made possible by the contribution of your Navy League chapter.

Again, my most sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks for helping the Naval Reserve Force deliver a most positive anti-drug message to our youth.

C.J. Cluster

Commanding officer

Naval Air Reserve Point Mugu

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