"Sahara" Albino Burmese Python, CWC open house


California Wildlife Center,(CWC), held their annual Spring Open House on Sunday April 1st. A large crowd, estimated between 450-500 people, showed up to learn more about what goes on at the California Wildlife Center, which is normally closed to the public. CWC provides medical care, and is a rehabilitation center for wildlife.

During the open house, groups would watch a video, take a tour of the baby care unit, the hospital, kitchen, and outdoor enclosures. The groups learned all about what goes on in each unit.

The Baby care unit is generally for orphaned or kidnapped animals. Volunteers will feed the animals and birds round the clock until they reach a certain weight, and are ready for the outside conditioning enclosures.

The hospital Unit is where animals are evaluated for care, including medical issues that might require medication or an operation. They remain in this location until they are ready for the outdoor enclosures.

The outside conditioning enclosures are where the animals recuperate. They have the opportunity to get big enough and strong enough to be released. The staff helps the animals to acclimate; they prepare them, as best as they can, for the outdoors. It’s the animals’ last step before being released.

Wings of Discovery and Sydney’s Legacy were part of the open house, sharing with visitors their rescue birds and reptiles. Rachael Komulainen, owner of Sydney’s Legacy, a mobile educational program, showed the group her reptiles. Sahara, her albino Burmese Python, was the star of the show. Not quit full grown at 14ft., Sahara will grow to be at least 20 ft. long. The crowd was certainly amazed!

Text and video by Julie Ellerton