Phone app to map Malibu beach access points in the works

New app would map Malibu beach access points

An advocate of public beach access has partnered up with a tech company to work on creating a phone app that would pinpoint every public beach access point in Malibu.

The “Our Malibu Beaches” app was inspired by environmental writer Jenny Price’s thorough three-part series for LA Observed covering Malibu’s many well-kept secret access points and beaches. The series shone a critical eye on homeowners who often illegally post “Private Property” or “No Public Access” signs at access points legally meant for public use.

A Kickstarter campaign to fund the app had raised more than $5,000 as of Monday, with a total goal of $30,000 to have the iPhone app launched by this summer.

According to a description of the app’s intent, “Every beach in Malibu has huge sections open to the public. And a lot of them are as deserted as they are beautiful — even on the hottest summer beach days … Our app shows you exactly where each public access point is. It helps you park. It even walks you down each beach — house-by-house — to find the best spot for your towel on the dry sand.”

What are your thoughts on the app?