Letter: Smooth sailing on Malibu Road


This is regarding the person who wrote in complaining that Latigo should take precedence over Malibu Road in the repaving schedule. 

I have lived in Malibu since I was 5 or 6 years old. My grandmother died here at a spry 93. In all that time, Malibu Road had never been fully repaved, merely patched and re-patched, probably since it was the original Roosevelt Highway. 

I am now thrilled to have a butter-smooth black surface outside my door, with all the fire hydrants announced by holographically-blue plastic markers, and 14 speed-bumps algorithmally arranged to not unseat one’s spinal array. It is very satisfying after 50-plus years, I have to tell you! 

And if Mr. Whatever His Name Was can wait for it a little bit longer, he will be thrilled, too. 

Beate Nilsen