Letter: Making Money but Wasting Water

Letter to the Editor

Congratulations on Vintage Grocers opening another market in Westlake Village. I really like the Vintage Grocers at Trancas and shop there several times a week.

In the article Vintage’s owner Paige Laurie said, “It feels amazing and I’m beyond honored to jump from community to community, meet new friends and make our family bigger.” So, in the same spirit of community concern, I must mention how upset I am that Paige’s mother (pictured with her) Nancy Walton Laurie, uses close to 11 million gallons of water a year at her Bel Air estate, according to several news articles. Another Malibu resident, Jerrold Perenchio, uses over 12 million gallons a year at his Bel Air estate.

Obviously, these families are very wealthy and the cost of maintaining their landscapes and swimming pools is not a problem. But, at what cost is it to the environment and millions of people in the Los Angeles area? It is shameful that so much sacred water, which is essential to all of life, is being used by just a few families.

Valerie Sklarevsky