Dogs must behave


Her name was Lola. She was a Boxer. She attacked my cocker spaniel puppy, Charlie, over Easter weekend while we were at the dog park. Her owner was too busy toting her latte to do anything about it, so she just stood there. Luckily I’ve got a good punt. Two hard kicks and Lola dropped Charlie. All Lola’s owner could say was “chill” and then give me attitude.

Since she seemingly wanted to stick around, I told her to get lost and never come back. Let’s hope she listens. I will chill when all the irresponsible dog owners stop bringing their ferocious dogs to Trancas Park. This incident was certainly not the first time a dog was attacked. I have witnessed three since the park opened in July. One dog attacked a human! I understand most dog behavior and I don’t expect my dog to act like a human, but I do expect dog owners to act responsibly and if there is any question about a dog’s aggression, they do not belong in any dog park.

My children were with me that day, so I kept my cool when Lola grabbed Charlie and shook him like a chew toy. There were a lot of things I wanted to say to Lola’s owner. I never got her name.

Dog owners beware. Apparently, Lola has attacked other dogs, my neighbor’s being one of them. I’m afraid there is not a whole lot we can do to keep these kinds of dogs and dog owners away. However, I will bring it up at the next Parks and Recreation meeting.

Only dogs who are socialized are welcome at our beloved Trancas Park. I’m going see if we can get a wall of shame going on the dog park fence. With most people having cameras on their cell phones these days, attacks could be documented. Mug shots or descriptions of the offenders would be helpful and responsible dog owners could be on the lookout for dogs like Lola.

Justine Petretti, President, Friends of Trancas Park, Parks and Recreation, Commissioner City of Malibu