Planetary Themes for the Month of February

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

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On Feb. 16, Mercury, the planet of communications and the conscious mind, turns retrograde in the sign of Pisces. Mercury’s retrograde cycle will continue until March 9. Major decisions are usually best postponed. Avoid misunderstandings and be crystal clear in your communications. Pay special attention to details! 


Venus enters your sign on Feb. 7 for the greater expression of love and attracting the finer things. The urge for freedom, travel and expanding your knowledge is also strong until the 16th. From the 16th onward, your life can take on a more serious tone. It’s not a time to shirk responsibilities. Your ambitious side seeks greater expression!


You are in a favorable cycle for expressing love, getting better tuned in to your emotional needs and deepening your relationships until Feb. 7. From the seventh onward, this is a beneficial period for you to spend more alone time and do some introspection. Your inner life takes on more importance. Don’t suppress your feelings!


A shift begins for you on Feb. 3 when your planetary ruler, Mercury, enters Pisces until March 4.  Your emotional, spiritual, artistic and compassionate sides seek greater expression. Attaining your goals takes center stage. It will also be easier to get sidetracked. Get better organized and narrow your focus for success.  


From Feb. 3, you can get better tuned in to your needs and communicate your feelings. There is also more of an interest in learning and expanding your consciousness. From the 16th onward, activity increases in the relationship area. Others are drawn to you. You can also attract new career or money-making opportunities. 


Your energy and charisma can take you far through Feb. 15.  It would also be wise to take a closer examination of finances. You can have some blind spots. From the 16th onwards, your daily routine, work and health matters become a priority. You can also be taking on more responsibility and driven to accomplish your goals. 


From Feb. 3, your personal relationships are highlighted. Your involvements with others on an emotional level deepen. You can also attract those that seek your help. From the 16th onward, any issues with domestic matters can begin to shift. You move into a favorable cycle for money or investment opportunities and reaching success. 


You remain in the emotional and spiritual realm for the greater expression of love, creativity and deepening your connections with others until Feb. 7. From the seventh onward, a shift begins for you signifying new beginnings as Venus enters Aries. You can have a passion for change! Relationships take on more importance. 


From Feb. 3, you can begin to become more adaptable with your ideas and forgiving of others. This is a time for you to communicate your feelings and heal or resolve any problem areas. From the seventh onward, your work and daily routines can become more of a labor of love. From the 16th onward, your ambitious side gets ignited!


You can continue to be a powerhouse as Mars transits your sign until Feb. 16. Seek to expand your consciousness and explore new opportunities. From the 16th onward, you are more driven in the financial area. Your love life can also heat up after the seventh as you become more passionate about expressing your fun side. 


Pursue your inventive ideas for making money. From Feb. 3, you are better tuned in to express your emotions. You are probably working behind the scenes and dealing with unfinished matters from the past until the 16th. From the 16th onward, Mars is in your sign. You are a force to be reckoned with! Tap in to your power zone. 


You are in a favorable cycle for your social life and networking until Feb. 16.  From the 16th onward, this is a beneficial time for more reflection and doing inner work. There may be some matters from the past to resolve. From the seventh, you can be more passionate and creative with your ideas. Express your artistic side.  


You remain in your high cycle for the greater expression of love and abundance until Feb. 7. From the third onward, Mercury is in your sign. You are in your own element and comfortable expressing your feelings. Remember not to overlook important details! From the 16th, you are better tuned in to achieve your goals.