News Briefs


Kennel cough outbreak in Malibu

There has been a recent outbreak of kennel cough in Southern California that has been affecting many of our local canine residents, according to the Malibu Coast Animal Hospital. Kennel cough is a general term encompassing any infectious or contagious condition affecting dogs where coughing is a feature. Kennel cough is transmitted via aerosol exposure, so animals greeting each other nose to nose or in close quarters tend to be the most commonly affected. Shared water and food dishes are also a way of spreading the disease. There is typically a seven- to 10-day incubation period with this type of infection.

Most dogs with kennel cough respond in seven to 14 days when treated with antibiotics (for the bacterial component) and given time and the appropriate rest. Occasionally affected animals may develop pneumonia. Kennel cough may be prevented with a vaccination that should be given regularly according to a veterinarian’s instructions based on a pet’s risk of exposure.

Vacancy on the Parks and Recreation Commission

Michael McDonnell’s recent resignation from the Parks and Recreation Commission has created a vacancy. Those interested in the position should contact the city clerk at 456.2489 ext. 228 for more information. The commission appointment can be made as early as Sept. 27.

Museum seeks volunteers

The Malibu Lagoon Museum is looking for volunteer docents to provide tours of the oceanfront Adamson House historical site to the general public. Docents are required to provide tours two days per month and be there on-call for a period of three to four hours for tours during those days. Training will prepare volunteers to greet the public, offer guided tours and work with groups and the museum store. Training will be provided on six consecutive Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information, call 818.889.5687.