Misdeeds in the open


It is important to care truly for the protection of Malibu. Our quality of life is threatened. It is exploited by the building industry and new people don’t understand the issues or appreciate the wildlife and the rural nature of Malibu. What has become interesting in this City Council campaign is the interpretations spun on protection and how the incumbents for City Council intended to make the Malibu Bay Company a god-sent deal for our community and they asked the residents to trust them, ha, ha.

Residents of the homeowners associations, Malibu Township Council, environmental groups and Malibu CAN asked the voters to trust themselves when it became obvious that the City Council spin machine was in overdrive. Facts were laid out carefully. No personal attacks were made. I hope it has become transparent to most that there are those who only care to promote a selfish interest and couldn’t care less about responsible development. Many are those who in the past were subject to slow-growth regulations, since changed, that make groundless accusations now, declaring that it is the opposition distorting the facts, yet they cleverly do not point to any facts.

It’s become apparent that this City Council and their supporters favor special interest rights over resident’s rights, and confuse the issues by commingling the two. Many careless decisions have been made by this City Council and the mismanagement has caused many residents to sue the city. They have had four years to clean up the waters at Surfrider Beach. Their focus has been strictly on development and putting up smoke screens that they are doing something, which they are not.

It astonishes me that they have become so transparent, yet I am glad that so much is now out in the open. I hope everyone does their homework and again trusts him or herself. If you want strong protection for resident rights, better management and leadership, vote for a majority vote in the city council to change the course. Vote for Jay Liebig, Walt Keller and John Mazza. Together they can truly protect Malibu.

Bob Purvey