Video: Country Mart Installs LED Parking Lot Lights

Malibu Country Mart LED Parking Lot Lights

In its ongoing effort to become an LEED-certified center, the Malibu Country Mart recently installed new LED lighting in its driveway and parking lot that should reduce energy usage as much as 80 percent (see video below).

The new lighting system eliminates the use of metal halide bulbs and minimizes light pollution by no longer facing upward in the night sky.

Commercial center lighting is usually on for 12 hours a day, according to County Mart sustainability director Julie Labin. 

“With these new LEDs we were able to fulfill our long-term goal to reduce our energy consumption while ensuring Malibu’s stars shine bright,” Labin said.

Crews recycled each of the replaced light poles and lighting fixtures.

The Country Mart’s campaign for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification has also carried over in its Green Initiative Program, where center management has installed drought-tolerant native vegetation, water-saving drip irrigation and separation of recyclable waste. The center also boasts an electric car-charging station and offers a chemical-free sandbox for children to play in.

Malibu Country Mart LED Lighting Retrofit from Marshall Thompson on Vimeo.