OLM honors Women’s History Month


Our Lady of Malibu School’s award-winning “Women in History” program was presented to students in kindergarten through eighth grade on March 13. In honor of Women’s History Month, females dressed in costume as female figureheads of their choice and delivered presentations about their lives. Pictured (left to right): Debi Zacharia as eleventh century composer Hildegard VonBingen; Dominique Romanowski as tennis champion and women’s advocate Billie Jean King; Tammy Arlidge as comedienne Lucille Ball; Bonnie Flores as suffragette leader Alice Paul; Gini Vandergon as American astronomer Annie Jump Cannon; Doriana Richman as visionary Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, most famous for her visions of the Blessed Mother Mary; Lorraine Malden as British nurse and writer Florence Nightingale; Lisa Godsick as Eleanor of Aquitaine of the Middle Ages; and Kris McMahan as zoologist Dian Fossey.