Letter: Look to the Sun

Letter to the Editor

As a lover of the outdoors, animals and our planet I have become passionate about the environment and sustainability. This passion has only grown as I have had the opportunity to pursue a degree in sustainability and take classes surrounding the prevalent issue of climate change at Pepperdine University. Last year, in the middle of the pandemic, I watched my home state of Oregon become engulfed in various wildfires. All my life I had never seen anything like it. Climate change is the leading cause for environmental disasters like wildfires. As humans living on this planet, we all contribute to climate change whether we intend to or not and it is therefore our responsibility to mitigate it in any way we can. 

Rooftop solar is one way to do this as it utilizes the power of a renewable resource that we all share: the sun. However, electric companies are attempting to discourage investments in solar energy by making it more expensive and taking away its monetary benefits from those who have already invested. This should alarm us all, as those who put effort into mitigating climate change should never face punishment. Support Save California Solar and join our effort to stop this utility profit grab. After all, the sun belongs to everyone.

Natalie Driscoll