MHS student wins first-place editorial award from L.A. Times


The campus life editor of Malibu High School’s newspaper, The Current, received first place at the Los Angeles Times Student Journalism Award Ceremony for his revealing staff editorial, “Time to Break Down the Wall of Silence.” In the editorial, Junior Brett Weinstock confronted his peers about keeping hidden the identity of the person who had beaten another student at a Malibu party last summer.

A high school student from Thousand Oaks was attacked at a Malibu party last summer and beaten severely in front of several witnesses. But for such a serious crime, no one who saw the event happen was willing to give any names or step forward. This was enough reason that Weinstock and the staff of The Current found it necessary to address the controversial issue in a staff editorial.

“It had been something that had just been growing,” Weinstock said in an interview. “It had been annoying me how people at our school are not saying anything, and yet everyone knew it wasn’t right. It was just something that needed to be said.”

The family of the injured boy first issued a $3,000 and now a $10,000 dollar reward for whoever will come forward and name the people who injured their son.

Weinstock said fellow Malibu High School students received the article positively. Many students approached Weinstock telling him they agreed it was wrong that so many were keeping silent. However, no one has come forward.

Weinstock said there isn’t an issue with violence at Malibu High School as much as a pressure to conceal for the sake of friends. But, he said, hopefully articles like his would give people the courage to do the right thing.

“I think people should always do the right thing, especially with the small things,” Weinstock said. “Just because it’s a small issue people feel that it’s okay to get away with stuff, but it doesn’t matter the level or stake, people should always make the honest choice.”