Obituary: Charles ‘Charlie’ Ray Waldron


Charles Ray Waldron died on Sunday, Jan. 24 at the Ocean Park Community Center (OPCC). A familiar face to many in Malibu, Waldron was a member of Malibu’s homeless population for at least 13 years. He also was a regular attendee at Malibu Presbyterian Church. 

“He was a gentle and sweet man known for his positive nature,” a loved one said. “He would often talk about his time in the Air Force and serving in Vietnam, as well as his football career.”

The people at OPCC who have cared for Waldron over the past few months said that they remember his friendly persona and that he would always have his Bible in hand.  

“When asked ‘who is the boss?’ Charlie would reply ‘Jesus,’” a loved one remembered. “If asked how he was doing, he would say, ‘I don’t have any complaints. Every day is a good day.’” 

Waldron’s memorial service will take place at Malibu Presbyterian Church on Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m. All are welcome.