Stung by comments


In a democracy, political debate is necessary and informative. It allows voters to know the issues so they can make a choice that reflects their own views. What Malibu citizens don’t need is the recent undignified and meaningless letters written by Sharon Barovsky’s political capo, Lloyd Ahern.

He has demeaned our system and insulted all Malibu voters, regardless of personal views. I hope he has now embarrassed Sharon Barovsky, who sent him on this foolish mission that has already backfired. Most politicians like to stretch the truth, but to make statements with no factual basis that skirt the line of paranoia does not promote the cause of democracy.

His comment, “base vote of renters without children,” was personally insulting and bordering on bigotry. Because I don’t have children, Barovsky and Ahern have decided to ridicule me and put me in their underclass.

Barovsky and Stern promised to stick to the issues but they have basically admitted they lied. They need this distraction to keep voters from seeing their own dismal record of arrogance and deceit. But if they really want voters to take another look at them, they must publicly renounce any further association with Mr. Ahern, deplore what he has done, and apologize to all Malibu citizens. Anything less will be seen as an endorsement of his tactics and pathetic behavior.

Barovsky and Stern have only a few weeks left to learn that in a democracy, the people always have the last word.

Mari Stanley