Malibu Seen

Brooke Shields and CEO Robert Procop (left) take a shine to Garrard along with former Crown Jeweler David Thomas. Photo by WireImage


British brilliance is on display in Bev Hills. And when it comes to gems, nothing says jolly old or jolly good like Garrard. The legendary jeweler launched its U.S. flagship store with a splashy bash fit for a queen.

Groovy gem-loving guests were greeted by properly attired gents in top hats and tails, ladies in full regalia and some smashing Carnaby Street birds. A dozen Union Jacks signaled their presence from above, while down below a bevy of leggy models in sexy white satin gowns struck a pose like classic British phone boxes.

Mark and Helena Greenspan made up the Malibu contingent, with Helena sporting a glittering Garrard engagement ring the size of a kumquat. Just down the way, the Garrard ice bar looked as if it were ready to take flight with six enormous wings painstakingly carved in honor of the company’s dramatic Knight Rider collection. Behind the bar, a quartet of shagadellic cuties mixed it up wearing white minidresses, feathered boas and go-go boots.

As for knights, they were there in spades and in shining armor to boot. The brave mascots stood guard as an army of white-gloved waiters made the rounds with veggie tartare, spicy shrimp skewers and steak frite sushi. Celebrity snipster Jose Eber in his trademark cowboy hat emerged from his A-list atelier to survey the scene. He was just in time to catch beautiful Brooke Sheilds waltzing her way past the raspberry red carpet looking lovely in black skinny jeans, ballet flats and a floaty chiffon top while flashing her mega-watt smile. She happily played the part of princess, eyeing some serious stones. And speaking of stones, sexy Sharon was there too. Gerrard’s Robert Procup and Susan Mosely were on hand to give the “Basic Instinct” bombshell a personal tour. And Malibu Seen tagged along too.

“This is one of my favorites,” said Mosely, pointing to a 40-karat marvel called the “Heart of the Kingdom.” “Because of its size, color and clarity, it’s one of the most famous rubies in the world.” I soon turned my attention to another striking piece. At 104 carats, the breathtaking creation is the largest certified orange diamond on Earth-an eye-popping sparkler set in an extremely ornate platinum necklace. “Must cost a few bob,” I mused. “Six and change,” Mosely said with a smile. “That’s six-as in million, matey.”

Malibu Seen also had the occasion to meet the man who once served as the Queen’s crown jeweler. Dressed in a natty double-breasted gray suit, pink and blue polka dot neckwear and a diamond three-feather tie tack, David Thomas gave me the low down on the family jewels. “They are cleaned once a year, in January. But you don’t dare remove the stones,” the ace gemster explained. “If you dropped one, you might be sent to the tower forever.”

And so it went at this dazzling affair. Planning it all was a fairy tale for the Garrard’s crew. “It’s been magical, ” Mosley said, “the type of thing you go to bed dreaming about.”

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