Just too energetic


    It seems that the “Era of Civility,” if there ever was one, has formally come to an end in Malibu. I am speaking of the mud throwing on a model of a building proposal that was created for the Malibu Bay Company by world renowned architect Ed Niles.

    Self proclaimed local activist Valerie Sklarevsky, supported by Martin Sheen, Marcia Hanscom — local Sierra Club leader and Wetlands Action Network executive director — feel that they have the self-appointed right to come on to anyone’s property who is proposing to do something that they disagree with and vandalize it. They also seem to think that this is an action that should be applauded because the owner of the property is a developer.

    I too have been an activist in the community for over 20 years. I take part in the process, write letters, lobby for my point of view and get downright sarcastic in letters to the editor (in order to raise public awareness). But I have never damaged anyone’s property, taken down political signs (no matter how tempted) or trespassed on someone else’s property. I disagree with people but I try to respect their rights as I would like to have mine respected.

    The term activist: as defined by my dictionary is the following: “One who believes in a policy of definite energetic action.”

    I really wonder about the mind set of these activists who are so arrogant, egotistical, self appointed and self anointed in their views that no one else is allowed to have another view other than theirs.

    This type of discrimination reminds me of a group of “Brown Shirts” that existed in Germany about 60 years ago!

    Tom Bates