Council endorsement of charter disappointing


As a longtime resident who raised four children in this community, I can only hope that the Malibu City Council’s endorsement of the Point Dume Charter petition was the result of a lack of accurate information. Otherwise, why would they not take into consideration how this could affect, even harm the programs, funding and staffing at the other schools?

Those that live in this community and have children in our public schools know that it takes a village to create and maintain our excellent schools in Malibu. The hard work of the parents, teachers and administrators at Malibu High, Cabrillo and Webster is as evident as it is at Point Dume

By relying on one-sided information and not looking at the bigger picture before endorsing this petition, the city council has failed to recognize the hard work, effort and accomplishments of our other outstanding schools. They have lent their support to a petition that lacks the budget and the ingredients to sustain and improve an already excellent program at Point Dume School, and doesn’t support the programs needed to promote greater diversity for their student body. Both are essential to the school’s success. If approved, it will result in a variety of negative consequences for children, teachers and parents of the other schools in our community and in the long run for Point Dume school as well.

This endorsement is a disappointment to me and to many in our school community. When all is said and done, I hope that the unfortunate action of the council, with their lack of accurate information and foresight, doesn’t result in the permanent division of a community that has in the past accomplished great and wonderful things together.

Yalile Pieper

Bilingual Community Liaison, Malibu High/Cabrillo/Webster