Trump Plan For Offshore Oil Likely Not Gonna Affect Malibu – Flu Hammers So Cal – Cougar Rules Change


    Don’t worry … oil platforms are not coming to Malibu … no matter what the Trump administrations says.

    The flu hammers Southern California – 5 dead in Ventura County.

    Malibu buildings with earthquake hazards may get targeted.

    Malibu plans to bring in Lucy Jones to explain local earthquake hazards.

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    Anyone who looks at the ocean off Santa Barbara … and wonders if those oil rigs will appear here in Malibu … has a good question.

    The federal government owns the seabed more than three miles offshore …. and it basically has been to each president in the White House to decide what to do about oil.

    President Donald Trump’s interior secretary proposed that the federal government offer the seabed to big oil … and by the year 20-20 … two new oil leases could go out along the Southern California coast.

    Major oil companies were surveying the Santa Monica Bay of offshore oil deposits in the 1960s … before the Union Oil Company platform in Santa Barbara blew apart … coating Southern California beaches with oil.

    Occidental Petroleum at one time had big plans to slant drill for oil from land … in Pacific Palisades.

    Will they crop up off Malibu???

    No way.

    First … under federal law, no drilling can occur in national marine sanctuaries.

    That would include the Channel Islands.

    Second, all new oil and gas drilling is banned in state waters — from the beach out to three miles offshore — under a law signed by Republican California Gov. Pete Wilson.

    Third, the California Stater Lands Commission owns the seabed out to three miles offshore … and it will block new drilling proposals indirectly.

    it can reject pipelines … port facilities … and other necessary installations on state property.

    Fourth … at least 18 California coastal cities and nine of California’s 15 coastal counties have local laws that ban the construction of onshore oil terminals, pipelines and other oil equipment without a public vote.

    Fifth … California has enacted laws to ban offshore oil … even on federal land.

    The 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill changed everything …. galvanized California against the oil companies.

    Even states like Florida … with republican governors and senators… are telling the Trump administration to back off.

    So … what’s happening here?

    One newspaper quotes anti-oil activists … who theorize the Trump administration is proposing a massive expansion of new drilling … places like Democratic California and Republican Florida … where it knows there will be massive pushback.

    Then … it will compromise… a massive sell out for Alaska oil protections.

    The administration is using the shock-and-awe approach, says one anti oil organizer.

    Shock at the plan’s size — and awe at the huge task ahead in fighting it.


    The flu is hammering Southern California.

    From Riverside to Ventura … emergency rooms are crowded … and pharmacies are reporting shortages of tamiflu … the prescription drug used to treat the worst cases.

    County health officials say 5 people have been killed by the flu in Ventura County in the last two weeks … with four of the victims being older than 65.

    One doctor in Thousand Oaks tells the Ventura County Star that “the flu shot didn’t work this year … or is hardly working,” he said.

    Normally ,.. a flu shot is 40 to 60 percent effective in blocking the flu.

    This year … the federal government estimates the flu shots are about 30 percent effective … and one estimate is just a 10 percent success rate.

    “Researchers need to do a better job,” says the Ventura County’s public health officer.


    The California Fish and Wildlife Department will no longer automatically issue kill permits to ranchers who claim a mountain lion is eating their livestock.

    That change comes after last year’s media circus in the Santa Monica Mountains.

    A cougar named P-45 was being tracked by the National Park Service in his habitat in the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu.

    The cougar broke into a pen full of alpaca … a sheep-like creature from South America … and killed part of the flock.

    The rancher applied for a kill permit to take down the mountain lion.

    And that prompted a huge public wave of opposition.

    The game wardens said their hands were tied … by the policy set by their bosses.

    Now … and only in the mountains near Malibu and in Orange County … the policy has been changed.

    From now on, the rancher must first try at least twice to shoo the cougar away …. with nonlethal means … before a kill permit can be issued.

    Wendall Phillips … the Malibu rancher who had possession of the kill permit for P-45 … told the Sacramento newspaper the change in policy is .. in his words … too bad.


    “The reality is nobody will bother to apply for permits any more.

    “Shoot, shovel and shut-up, that’s what coming.”

    The words of Malibu rancher Wendall Phillips …

    We have a link to the Sacramento Bee newspaper article posted at the KBUU website.


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    Malibu’s city council will again tackle the chain store issue again … Wednesday night.

    The city is trying to salvage whatever it can of  Measure R … the anti-development ordinance that was shot down by the state courts.

    The judges were most unhappy with the citywide vote on individual projects… that was unconstitutional.

    But the judges said the city could make some changes to its plan to ban chain stores from overwhelming the city’s small commercial development areas.

    Next Wednesday … the council will again meet to hammer out details on the proposed formula retail ordinance.

    The agenda contains a dozen technical sticking points … for the council to consider.

    Next week’s meeting is on Wednesday … not Monday.


    Also Wednesday night … the city will start a year-long effort to make buildings safer for when he next earthquake starts,

    Malibu is significantly behind other cities ,… in bringing older buildings top to standard in case of earthquakes.

    Soft story buildings will be targetted.

    These are buildings that have ground floors that are less rigid than the stories above and are particularly vulnerable to earthquake damage because of large, unreinforced openings on their ground floors.

    Malibu administrators are drawing up plan to offer incentives to owners of such buildings … to make them earthquake safe.

    Similar projects have been underway in Los Angeles and Santa Monic for years … and Malibu has until now been somewhat behind the curve.

    Next Wednesday … earthquake expert Doctor Lucy Jones will appear before the city council and give a Malibu-specific presentation on earthquake risk and preparedness..


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