Obituary: Gillian E. Sharp-Randall

Gillian E. Sharp-Randall

Gillian E. Sharp-Randall died on Oct. 5 in Malibu. She was born on Jul. 8, 1963 in Chesterfield, England.

My British baby cakes and the ultimate love of my life!

Thank you for making me a better man and teaching me what true love is!

Life without you will be lonely but you will always be in my heart, soul and dreams, honey. Now you can “sleep for England” and I might not steal the blankets. 

Gill loved our animals, cooking from scratch, walks on the beach collecting shells, picking up coastal trash and watching the sun set over the ocean from our deck. She had the biggest heart in the world.

She will be missed and remembered by all she touched with her compassion and professionalism.

Honey, you are now over the rainbow bridge with our many pets from the past care for them and enjoy.

We love you and truly miss you. Go, Team Gill!

Gill was co-owner of Malibu Custom Carts and a honored member to our Malibu community. I was with her, holding her hand, giving little kisses and praying to our father. I promised her I would start eating again, working the company again and be the man I am today because of her love, compassion and patience in putting up with me.

The memorial service will be held at Paradise Cove on Field of Dreams Bluff on Nov. 4 at 2 p.m. RSVP to

Submitted by Doug Randall