Throwing money around


    It has come to my attention that our representative in the California Assembly, Fran Pavley, has introduced AB740, which provides for nearly $3 billion for various water programs, including $200 million for the California Coastal Conservancy, $100 million for non-point source pollution projects, $200 million for urban storm runoff programs, $100 million for the restoration of coastal habitat, and $300 million to update or convert septic systems and sewers. While this effort is laudable, the timing of this proposed bond measure is terrible, with the Iraqi War promising to cost American taxpayers upwards of $100 billion, the economy as weak as it has been in a decade or more, and our public education system foundering.

    Note to Fran: Why don’t you spend your time as our representative addressing real, immediate problems confronting your constituents rather than “pie in the sky” projects that will inevitably turn into pork barrel giveaways to favored donors to Sacramento politicians?

    Ted Vaill