License law is last straw


    Well, as “The Gipper” used to say. . . there you go again! Our local Malibu thieves — otherwise known as politicians — are looking to stick their hands in our pockets. A new business license fee has been proposed. Great timing Sherlock! Our road is all but closed, our local merchants are struggling, the stock market is melting down, world economies are crumbling, even our illustrious leader and chief womanizer, “Slick Willie,” announced days ago the world is facing the worst economic crisis since World War II, and it’s all heading to our doorstep. And our elected Malibu officials are looking for ways to raise taxes? The fee is only $50 they argue — well, that’s a dinner out (at least a partial dinner) at one of Malibu’s local restaurants for me and my family. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend my hard-earned $50 on Taverna Tony or TraDiNoi or Giorgio than a new business tax! I’m sure local Malibu merchants will agree with me! But wait, we’ve got more logic coming from the dunces who support their tax. Get a load of this brilliant reasoning as quoted in last week’s Malibu Times: “Local businesses will benefit. City officials could more easily notify them of relevant changes in laws.” What changes? No law created by government has ever changed in my favor. I’m better off not hearing the changes. With thinking like that, Mr. Peacock is missing his calling. He should head to Washington and head up Mr. Clinton’s defense team!. I’m sure he also believes lying under oath, obstruction of justice and witness tampering isn’t a crime.

    Mr. Peacock was quoted as saying, “Wyatt Earp has come to town.” Well I’ve got news for you, Wyatt. Jesse James just rode in! I’d suggest you get out of town fast! Your new pet project is dead on arrival! Please print my address under my letter. I’m ready to organize a posse to throw these bums out. If you agree with me, let’s meet and organize ASAP. I’m not paying the city of Malibu $50 or 50 cents. Hear me loud and clear, Mr. Peacock & Co: “Get your hands out of my pocket. Enough is enough!” It’s time for the homeowners, business owners and beleaguered taxpayers to take our government back from the pompous morons who want to steal our hard-earned money. Malibu taxpayers the buck stops here — let’s unite ASAP. I await your letters.

    Wayne Allyn Root

    23852 PCH, Suite #372

    Malibu, 90265