The Malibu Times Youth Video Contest Winners

The winners of The Malibu Times Growing Up Malibu Youth Video Contest are: 14-18 age category-First Place, Austin Eldridge; 9-13 age category-First Place, Dovid Cunin; Second Place Lucy Johnston; Third Place, Mendel Cunin; Honorable Mention: Sally Johnston; Honorable Mention in all age categories: Boys & Girls Club of Malibu.

Entrants were to make a video no longer than 90 seconds in length that depicted their vision of what it is like to grow up in Malibu.

Austin Eldridge, who is 18 and a student at Malibu High School, wrote in his submission that his video, titled “Keep Austin Weird,” shows him doing various activities in his life, and it gives a tone of his reminiscence for childhood.

“It is a story of finishing a life and then starting all over again,” Eldridge wrote.

Eldridge, who is in the Advanced Film Studies class at Malibu High and will attend CSUN to study film editing, said he pulled an “all-nighter” the day before the video was due and he had to overcome a great deal of technical difficulties, but the experience “was a lot of fun. I learned a lot.”

Dovid Cunin’s video, titled “90265 is a ZIP code in Heaven,” has a bouncy rap, rhythm, which his brother Mendel, 13, also utilizes in his video called “The City of Life.” Dovid, 12, writes in his description of his work: “Malibu is a slice of heaven on earth. The way we live is by getting closer to nature and inner happiness.”

Mendel wrote of his video entry: “The world has become filled with knowledge, at times at the expense of true living-this video is about Malibu and how it is a city that remains attached to the source of life.”

Lucy Johnston, 11, says her video, which she wrote, directed, and edited without any assistance, simply reflects her life in Malibu, and “what a weekday is for me.” She also directed and edited her sister Sally Johnston’s video entry.

The members who entered the Boys & Girls Club video, titled “I’m Malibu, and I’m Not a Celebrity,” wrote that their video is about the “Malibu misperception of teens in our community and life.”

The videos will be posted online at

By Laura Tate

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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