Sirens: Malibu Crime Report, June 26- Jul 3

Crime Report

The following crimes were reported in Malibu between June 26 through July 3: 

6/26 Pretty petty theft

– A report was filed after a suspect stole around $150 worth of Free People shirts at M. Fedric on Cross Creek Road. The suspect may also be the same suspect from a recent shoplifting report at the Westlake location.

7/3 MAC attack

– The glass front door of the MAC Store was smashed in the early morning hours. Officers reported multiple pulled drawers and items everywhere, but no evidence of stolen items. 

7/1 Burglaries by the beach

– A passenger window of a car parked on PCH was smashed and items were stolen that had been hidden under a towel on the floor of the passenger seat. The items included an iPod touch, an electronic tablet reader and a purse totaling over $460 in damage. The victims had been on the beach for a few hours.

– Around 5:30 p.m., a passenger window was smashed and a woman’s purse was stolen containing a wallet, social security card, debit card and credit cards. Damage from the burglary totaled over $500. When the victim called the bank to notify of the theft, the suspect had already tried to withdraw $70 and had been declined. 

7/1 Winding Way wiliness 

– A vehicle was burglarized and the driver’s window was smashed around 5 p.m. The suspect stole a purse, wallet, license, debit and visa card. No surveillance witnessed the crime but the credit card companies reported charges at a gas station in Agoura Hills, Taco Bell, Cigar & Cigarette shop and El Pollo Loco. 

– In another incident on Winding Way, the rear passenger window of a vehicle was smashed and a purse, wallet, school ID and $32 in cash were stolen.