Mystery woman atop mountain


Who is the lady on the mountain?

I am writing this as a fan lelter to her. I have watched her for over a year now walking all the way up Corral Canyon toward El Nido and back toward Pacific Coast Highway. She both mystifies and motivates me. I have seen numerous drivers wave to her from their Porches, Harleys, S.U.V.’s, delivery vans, pick-ups and all the rest. She often responds by waving one of the hand weights she carries-a wave that is always accompanied by a wonderfully warm and cheery smile. I have even seen limo drivers slow down so their passengers can open their windows to call out and greet her. But I have never seen her talk to anyone. Who is she? Everyone seems to know she’s there but no one knows who she is. I have heard her talked about in the bank, at parties, in restaurants, et al. It’s such a tough trek up that canyon and, whether it’s sunny or raining, she walks with such spirit in her stride. It never ceases to amaze me.

She molivates us all with her perseverance and her energy, moving us to get out and expend some of our own.

She is blonde and tall (looks to be around 5′ 7″), mature (maybe 40ish ), and it has been agreed upon that hers ranks among the shapliest legs seen in Malibu. (Probably as a result of all that walking.) She usually wears black bicycle shorts and t-shirts or halter tops, but one day last winter I spotted an “Emerson College Mom” sweatshirt on her. She’s been seen walking as early as 5:30 a.m., often times at midday, and a few have seen her as late as 8 p.m. Whatever time of day, it always makes me feel good to see her. I am definitely one of the wavers.

There is surely something about her that sends off terrific energy. I want to thank her for that. She seems to spark everyone’s interest and inspire a joy of life. This is the reason for this fan letter. I hope the lady on the mountain will read it, know that she is admired, and perhaps let us know who she is.

Susan Marie