Protest misdirected


Let me preface this by stating that I am a heterosexual man who believes silence equals assent therefore I am not keeping silent.

I am writing in response to Mr. Tait’s letter implying that democracy is lost and undermined at the hands of liberal judges.

First of all, the issue of gay marriage is a civil rights issue and the proposition should have never been introduced into the election.

Defining marriage between a man and a woman that promotes family values is a concept, an idea that just doesn’t hold water in today’s society. Marriage, whether between a man and a woman, two men, two women, a man and a goat is nothing more than a contract to protect one’s personal property and allow reparations to be provided when that contract fails. Having been eviscerated in a divorce I can say this with a certain sense of expertise (also, don’t get divorced in Tennessee!)

Do you think society will implode if we permit gay marriage? If gays or lesbians want to step into the arena of divorce and fight a steel-cage death match, they have the right. And no, I am not a family lawyer!

Since we are talking family values, where’s the outcry of the rampant pedophilia and predatory actions of clergy? Why aren’t you writing letters about how damaging this is to family values?

Now, as for the judicial system and its undermining of our democracy, where’s the outcry by the recent decisions of the Supreme Court, primarily conservative judges, to allow concealed weapons in national parks? And the most egregious blow to democracy, allowing corporations to contribute unfettered to campaigns. This single ruling has all but eliminated fair elections.

Where’s the outcry over this?

If judge Walker is a gay man ruling on this issue he certainly is biased. Who better to rule? He’s been discriminated against for years. Something I doubt Mr. Tait has experienced.

Robert Pousman