Letter: Why Vote?

Letter to the Editor

These days, you can watch a pro-Trump newscast on radio or TV and also an anti-Trump broadcast. I am sadly coming to the conclusion that whatever the truth is, in 2020 it can no longer be found unbiased. Today, all is politics, even sports.

No escape—both parties are staging the very expensive “shows” for millions of dollars.

At the same time, not one person is speaking about our staggering debt, which is not a left or right issue but one that destroys our dollar’s buying power. China released the virus—on purpose or by mistake—at the same time, we borrow money from China every day.

Neither party is addressing this—to me—most vital issue. No solutions that would take care of this issue over time/attrition.

From about 2000, the dollar has lost value to today being worth about 16 cents of its worth 20 years ago. The debt issue is vitally important for us all.

Almost every presidential term—no matter how eloquent any given president may be—almost all of them have doubled our debt.

Left or right thus become vanity, much like an exciting, long-running TV show up to the election.

I write the above as someone who is honestly unaccomplished in life—but as someone who cares deeply about our nation and what it gives us all: freedom and opportunity together with a very generous people.

Thereby, with our political parties not addressing the above I sadly cannot see why I should vote…

Morten Wengler