Proposal for senior center


    We were interested to read of the continuing strong interest of the city and the Seniors Club in developing a senior center for the Malibu community. We would like to make an offer which we are confident can result in a wonderful resource for the community and enhance the lives of the senior citizens in Malibu.

    As an integral part of its planned senior residential community, Wave Property, Inc. (WPI) offers to build a first class senior facility on property owned in the Civic Center area of Malibu. We believe that our property and proposed project will be an ideal match for the needs of the senior citizens in our community. Not only is the WPI property located in the geographic center of Malibu, but it is also near to the majority of commercial and civic services in our community.

    It has been our plan for some time to create a state-of-the-art senior community called The Village at Malibu on the WPI property. Because many of the functions, services and facilities can easily serve both resident seniors and non-resident seniors, the cost of many of the Senior Center requirements will be shared with our senior residential project and thus the city’s money will go much further than in a stand-alone project.

    In addition to the Senior Center, it has been our hope to be able to construct for the benefit of the community a small, but highly advanced community health center with shared services and state-of-the-art urgent care facilities.

    The details of these proposals are subject to discussion and revision based on input from the city and the senior citizens of Malibu. We suggest that WPI and the city create a committee of senior citizens to assist in the planning of a senior center that will be highly functional and accessible. Planning costs will be paid by WPI. All planning will be consistent with city requirements and building codes.

    WPI can help Malibu’s senior citizens to see this dream come true only if it is permitted to build its The Village at Malibu, its proposed senior serving residential facility.

    If these concepts are of interest, please let us know and also communicate your support to our city officials.

    Mike E. O’Neal, president

    Wave Property, Inc.