Poll change takes toll


    I’ve been wondering if the results of our election take into consideration that many of the poll voting places were changed.

    Well, there’s egg on my face! Because even though the sample booklet said to check that my polling place may have been changed, and I planned my whole day to vote, I went to my regular polling place and found out that I was in the wrong place. Due to my schedule, it was too late to go to the place I was supposed to go. My husband did the same thing, and couldn’t vote because he scheduled the voting when he was on his way to work. The new voting place is more than 15 minutes north–we go south. Our old voting place is right down the street.

    Why, and who, makes the decision to change voting places? We live between Paradise Cove and Kanan Dume Road. The new voting place is at the high school on Morning View Drive. It used to be at St. Aidan’s. If there must be a change, then I think Zuma Beach should be the cut-off. How can this be rectified? I bet others did the same thing.

    Mrs. S. Rosenthal