From Cannes to Corsica and beyond, Hollywood’s biggest names will be setting sail for Europe this week. But between the strong euro and the anemic dollar, even the well-heeled can expect a bit of sticker shock. That old one-to-one ratio is gone. So be prepared to shell out another 30 percent for your purchases.

On a recent trip to Italy, my husband and I paid a whopping $36 for a cocktail at the Hassler in Rome. That was $72 for the two of us-without the tip!

Even so, a jaunt to Europe doesn’t have to be painful if you know the ropes. Instead of super deluxe digs at a high-end hotel like the Hassler, we stayed at an equally stellar and much more affordable establishment right next door. It’s a charming favorite of those in the know called the Hotel de la Ville, where a wonderful room can be had for a fraction of the price.

If you do a little homework, it’s just as easy to get a gastronomic feast without paying a pope’s ransom. We loved the old Fellini hang called Al Moro, where the veal with artichokes was to die for.

Another delicious eatery favored by glitterati and regular guys alike is Da Bolognese. Don’t be put off by its specialty called Bollito Misto or boiled meat. As unappetizing as it sounds, these culinary pros will bring you a plateful of the most amazing fall off-the-bone morsels you’ve ever tasted. It’s all served with massive bowls of a spicy sauce composed of candied cherries and quince that could make you weep. Take it from me and famed filmmaker Roman Polanski, who was seated at the very next table.

Of course knowing a great local trattoria like La Rampa never hurts. For six euros, you can tuck into a platter of hot fresh veggies and stuffed zucchini blossoms as big as your head. The wine list was so deliciously inexpensive that my husband thought the prices were by the glass instead of by the bottle.

Saving here and there allows for a big splurge or two. And for that, there’s nothing more divine than taking in the breathtaking views of Rome while dining amid the elegant splendor of Hotel Eden. The food is first-rate and so is the service.

Down south, the adventure continued. In Positano, we passed on the 800-euro-a-night celeb stomping ground known as Le Sirenuse, opting for a delightful place called Al Agave, where you can enjoy the same breathtaking vistas from your flower-filled patio at a more reasonable price.

Our grandest dining experience was at an establishment called Don Alfonso 1890, which is tucked away in the hills just outside Sorrento. Leave plenty of room, because this packed two star Michelin will dish out nine imaginative courses-plus six desserts.

If you’re lucky, you might get a private tour of their cavernous ancient wine cellar, which dates back to Roman and Etruscan times. The place boasts 150,000 dusty vintage bottles in a collection worth millions. Salute!

So, buon viaggio, bon voyage and bienvenue! If you’re about to cross the Atlantic, make sure to get plugged in before you pack up. If you do, you just might find that “La Dolce Vita” has never been sweeta!

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